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Brief review

Stencil Fonts offers up a clean interface that isn’t bogged down with too many features and options. This program is as basic as they come, and that’s a good thing when it comes to font tools. Drop down menus display everything that you’ll need to create stencil fonts from any kind of true type font.


When tested, using Stencil Fonts proved to be simple. This program has plenty to offer anyone seeking to create basic stencil fonts. While you can’t create complex fonts, you can create smooth-lined stencil fonts with ease. Stencil Fonts is suitable for users of all ages.

Main Function

In case you’re not sure what a stencil font actually is, consider what stencils look like and then try to imagine fonts that have been created to look like those stencils. The result that you will come up with will look something like a stencil font. While it could be difficult to create these fonts if a program is overly complex, this is not the case with the Stencil Font program. From the start, users will find this tool easy to use and creating stencils will prove to be both easy and fun.

Extra Features

A stencil font program wouldn’t be useful without a print option, but, surprisingly, many similar programs do not offer a print option. Stencil Font does come with an easy print option, so that you can cut out your stencils as soon as you’ve created them.


If you create a lot of stencils, the $29 price tag that’s attached to Stencil Font is not a bad price to pay.

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Reviewed by Harriette Halepis
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